Laine (aka Chance adopted Dec. /15 from shelter)

Laine (aka Chance adopted Dec. /15 from shelter)Laine (aka Chance adopted Dec. /15 from shelter) - Black, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male

Laine is a 2 year old boy who has learned to survive on his own but who now wants someone with whom to share his life. He was outside for awhile and has a spot of frostbite on his right ear. Laine doesn't want to return to the wilds again; instead, he wants to be pampered. He would prefer to keep all four paws on the ground though; he doesn't like being picked up. He says you can tell him apart from other black beauties by the toonie sized white patch on his manly chest. Laine needs a home where he will be given lots of TLC and encouragement to become all that he can be. Can you provide that?