Kenzington (adopted Dec. 11/16 from PVY)

Kenzington (adopted Dec. 11/16 from PVY)Kenzington (adopted Dec. 11/16 from PVY) - Black, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male

Kenzington is a really laid back 6 3/4 year old fellow. He simply enjoys watching the world go by, whether it be cats, dogs, or people. He is also affectionate, cuddling in your lap if you will let him or, better yet, stretching out across your chest. Kenzington loves to play, especially in those crinkly tunnels. He tends to be an alpha though, so Kenzington will always let you know when he has had enough of anything. He was found wandering in the Johnson Beach area of Barrie and would really like a home of his own now. Kenzington needs to be the ONLY pet in a home that does not have really young children. Perhaps YOU can make his dream come true.