Mercy (adopted Jan. 22/16 from PVW)

Mercy (adopted Jan. 22/16 from PVW)Mercy (adopted Jan. 22/16 from PVW) - Black, 6 months to 1 year, Short hair, female

Mercy was found eating out of a dumpster before we got her. The poor girl! She has put that behind her though, and is a real snuggle puss with a mighty purr. Mercy loves to be in your lap or beside you in bed, so be prepared. She gets really excited too when she is playing, especially with her foster mom. Mercy gets along well with certain cats, those that don't threaten her. It might take Mercy a little time to adjust to a new home and a new family, but she can do it. You just need to give her lots of love and your patience. Are YOU up to the task? You will love the result, guaranteed!