Teagan (adopted April 28/16 from PS)

Teagan (adopted April 28/16 from PS)Teagan (adopted April 28/16 from PS) - Black and White, 6 months to 1 year, Short hair, female

Teagan was born outside in Stroud with her 6 siblings. She is a gentle girl who loves to be petted. She has been fostered for several months, so her foster family knows her likes and dislikes quite well. Teagan likes attention and will purr when you begin talking to her. Her favourite petting spots are her head and body, but she tolerates being scratched under her chin. Teagan is not thrilled about being picked up though. This girl needs a cozy place to be able to go to when she gets frightened. Teagan will make a lovely companion if you will give her the time and love to adjust to her new surroundings. Her favourite toy is the laser dot!