Triscuit (adopted Feb. 24/17 from PVY)

Triscuit (adopted Feb. 24/17 from PVY)Triscuit (adopted Feb. 24/17 from PVY) - Calico, 1 to 5 years, Medium hair, female

Triscuit is a 5 year old girl from Holland Landing. She was rescued and taken to a shelter in her area, but no one claimed or adopted her. We are hoping to provide her with a good family up here. Triscuit melts at the touch of your hand and will lick you to show her pleasure. She also likes to rub against you and/or lay beside you, BUT she has her moments when she suddenly decides she has had enough and gives you a nip or a paw swipe. Can you find a place for Triscuit in YOUR heart and home? A quiet home with no pets or children would be ideal.