Skrinkle (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)

Skrinkle (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Skrinkle (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male

Skrinkle is a 4 1/2 year old stray who was brought in to us, but whose owners were found before he was adopted out. Sadly, his owners have felt compelled to surrender him back to us. Why? Ever since they rescued him as a kitten, he seems to have had a problem consistently using his litter box. We just discovered that he has crystals, a painful problem. No wonder he was urinating in various places. We are currently working on getting rid of those crystals. If you are interested in Skrinkle, we can formalize his adoption with you but keep him with us until he is totally over the problem. He is such a darling. Skrinkle is sweet-tempered and gentle. He flips onto his back so that you will rub his belly. He just doesn't like you massaging his declawed front paws - he nips - or picking him up. When he was out as a stray for several months, he was beaten up and, due to a bad tail injury, one of his vertebrae is raised. As long as his tail isn't pulled and he is given Glucosamine daily, our vet assures us that he will be fine. Let's give this big boy a quiet home with no other pets or young chilren, ok?