Duffy (adopted Feb. 28/17 at PS)

Duffy (adopted Feb. 28/17 at PS)Duffy (adopted Feb. 28/17 at PS) - Black, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male

Poor Duffy - he was literally dumped inside our shelter door in his carrier by his former owner. Duffy is a gentle, appreciative, 2 year old boy who purrs happily when you pay attention to him. He loves to be petted and arches his back with pleasure. You can also pick up Duffy, though he is nervous if he doesn't know you very well. Once you look into Duffy's amber eyes, he will win your heart, guaranteed. Be sure to meet this handsome fellow. Duffy is totally smitten with Virginia and keeps climbing into her cage to snuggle up with her. We would like Duffy and Virginia to be ADOPTED TOGETHER. Duffy is microchipped.