Gaston (adopted March 4/17 from PVY)

Gaston (adopted March 4/17 from PVY)Gaston (adopted March 4/17 from PVY) - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male

Gaston is a 4 year old character. He loves attention and will natter away at you until you give him some. He is from a private London rescue (private because people keep dropping off unwanted cats on this woman's property and a rescue because she couldn't bear to see them get hurt so brought them all inside)where he would follow the owner around until she stopped whatever she was doing and gave him some loving. Yes, Gaston is a major sucky baby! Once you are seated, he is in your lap for a long, comfy stay. Gaston MUST BE ADOPTED WITH his brother, Tristan, as he is the second eye for Tristan. Gaston is microchipped.