Tristan (adopted March 4/17 from PVY

Tristan (adopted March 4/17 from PVYTristan (adopted March 4/17 from PVY - Black, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male

Tristan is 4 years old and he only has one eye. The other burst when he was a baby and had to be removed. He functions just fine, especially because his brother, Gaston, helps him. Tristan is gentle and very affectionate. He wants to be in your lap and/or be on the receiving end of pets as often as possible. In fact, he used to follow his owner around the house until she would stop and give him attention. Tristan is from a private London rescue (private because it is run out of a woman's home and a rescue because she couldn't bear to have unwanted, dropped off cats get hurt, so brought them all inside). She needed our help to rehome some of her babies. Tristan MUST BE ADOPTED WITH his brother, Gaston. Tristan is microchipped.