Gizmo (adopted March 26/17 from shelter)

Gizmo (adopted March 26/17 from shelter)Gizmo (adopted March 26/17 from shelter) - Orange, 10 to 15 years, Short hair, male

Gizmo is 11 years old and has lived most of his life in Elliot Lake. His owner recently moved to Barrie when his wife passed away. He surrendered Gizmo and his three other cats, because he didn't feel he could care for them any longer. Gizmo is a love machine. He is literally right in your face when you open his cage. Such a sweetheart! He rubs against you, trying to get you to spend time with him and, if he can wangle it, he will climb up onto your shoulder and wrap himself around your neck. Believe me, when you meet Gizmo, you WILL want to spend lots of time with him - perhaps for the remainder of his life? Let's get this gentle boy another home asap.