Lady (adopted Apr. 22/17 from PVY)

Lady (adopted Apr. 22/17 from PVY)Lady (adopted Apr. 22/17 from PVY) - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female

Lady is a 5 year old brown tabby who was brought to us from a London Rescue. She is supposedly the smartest cat ever; she has even learned how to open a sliding patio door. Lady was a stray and she still likes to try and get outside for an hour or two per day. She would have to be trained to go on a leash with you if you don't have a safe enclosure. Lady is a chatterbox, telling you her life story while you pet her and scratch her ears. She can be cuddled, but her favourite activity is staying in your lap - for a LONG time. Lady is also very curious about exploring her surroundings. Please note that she does NOT get along with young, noisy children but she is fine with older children. She is also good with other cats as well as dogs. Lady is microchipped.