Sampson (adopted Apr. 22/17 from PVW)

Sampson (adopted Apr. 22/17 from PVW)Sampson (adopted Apr. 22/17 from PVW) - Black, 1 to 5 years, Long hair, male

Sampson is a 3 year old Barrie stray. He was fortunate enough to frequent the back yard of one of our volunteers. She fed him nightly and canvassed her neighbourhood looking for his owner and posted him online. Alas, no one claimed Sampson. Sampson is a gentle boy who loves to be petted and have his ears and chin scratched. You can also pick him up and give him a wee cuddle and kisses. Sampson seems to get along well with other cats. If you already have one or more in your home, it shouldn’t bother this fellow, especially if you introduce him to your other cat(s) slowly. Sampson is microchipped.