Featured Cats

Sabrina (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Sabrina (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Black and White, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Sabrina is 2 years old and is a local stray. She is now thoroughly enjoying human attention. Sabrina is a bit shy at first but, once you win her trust, Sabrina relaxes and allows you to pet her and scratch her ears. She doesn't like being picked up though - yet. We have seen that attitude change many times. So . . . Sabrina needs YOUR help to find a new, forever home where she can continue to build her confidence.
Bylow (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Bylow (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Black, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
Bylow is 4 and a half years of age and loves to watch people come and go through the shelter, and once you stop by our adoption cage he will brush against your leg so that have to pet him! He has soft fur and warm, intelligent eyes on top of his great personality. Bylow keeps his slim physique by working out daily on our cat-sized hamster wheel - Try to catch him in the act some time, it's amazing to see just how quick he runs! Bylow has been with us quite awhile; he came in as an unwanted cat, and has sadly still not found his forever home yet. This lovely boy just doesn't know what else he can do to show how great he is, why not come and meet him and see for yourself?
Skrinkle (at shelter on Hart  Dr., Barrie)Skrinkle (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
Skrinkle is a 4 3/4 year old stray who was brought in to us, but whose owners were found before he was adopted out. Sadly, his owners surrendered him to us several months later because he was having a problem consistently using his litter box. We had him checked, and the poor boy had crystals. Skrinkle was put on a urinary kibble and, when he was checked this week, there were NO CRYSTALS. Skrinkle has been faithfully using a covered litter box for at least a month now, so . . . Skrinkle is 100% ready to be adopted! He is such a darling. Skrinkle is sweet-tempered and gentle. He flips onto his back so that you will rub his belly. He just doesn't like you massaging his declawed front paws - he nips - or picking him up. When he was out as a stray for several months, he was beaten up and, due to a bad tail injury, one of his vertebrae is raised. As long as his tail isn't pulled and he is given Glucosamine daily, our vet assures us that he will be fine. Let's give this big boy a quiet home with no other pets or young chilren, ok?
Maxfield (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Maxfield (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Long hair, male
Maxfield is a 3 year old stray from the Georgina area whom no one claimed. We decided to give this gorgeous guy a chance here in Barrie. Maxfield gives head butts to get your attention and thoroughly enjoys being held. In addition, he is quite the chatterbox, especially if he thinks you might have food for him. Maxfield does NOT particularly like other cats, however, so he should really be the sole pet in the home. Maxfield also demonstrates some "catitude" from time to time in the way of nips and swats. He just wants to assert himself as the alpha.
Argentina (foster care but can be adopted)Argentina (foster care but can be adopted) - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
Argentina is a 5 year old stray with an unusual taupe coloured tabby coat. He is long and lean but he isn't mean. Instead, he loves to have you pet him and/or pick him up. Argentina lets you know he is happy by purring away contentedly. He is also very playful but, when he has had enough of that activity or of human loving, Argentina will give a little love nip and walk away. Does he sound like a good fit for YOUR home? He is neutered and up-to-date with his shots and says he will get in a carrier whenever you are ready. He has recently had a full mouth extraction, but that simply means he needs to eat lots of wet food.
Rose (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Rose (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Rose is 6 1/2 years old and is a feral born rescue. When we first got her, she wouldn't let anyone near her. Now, however, Rose will rub up against you and get herself into the cutest positions when you pet her. She still isn't used to being picked up, but does that really matter? Rose is sweet and has lots of love to share. She has NEVER experienced a real home. Isn't it time that Rose does?!
Kismet (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Kismet (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Black and White, 5 to 10 years, Medium hair, female
Kismet is 7 3/4 years old and is Shauna's mother. The two of them and Kismet's hubby used to hang out behind a fish and chips restaurant in Angus. We had a donation box there and, one day, received a call asking if we would take the fur family. We did. Kismet's hubby has passed on, but Kismet is still going strong. She is still rather shy, but she will let you pet her. Kismet gets along well with other cats. Kismet deserves a home where she can feel like the most important cat in the world. How about YOUR home?
Sally (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Sally (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Sally is 6 years of age. No one seems to remember her history, but she doesn't mind. Sally is very shy and tends to keep to herself. If you seek her out, you CAN pet her and even brush her. Sally is a gentle, quiet girl who would like a quiet, loving home. She hopes you won't mind that she doesn't like being picked up, but she promises to be a good girl. What do you think?
Silver (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Silver (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Silver is 3 3/4 years old and has had a full mouth extraction. That doesn't stop her from enjoying her food or life in general though. Silver is a sweet, gentle girl. She adores being petted and having her ears scratched, but she is afraid of being picked up. Perhaps in a home where she is lavished with one-on-one attention, that might change. Are YOU up to the challenge? Silver is good with other cats and MUST be adopted WITH another of our cats in order to have a smooth transition for her to her forever home.
Lillie (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Lillie (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Long hair, female
Lillie is 7 years old and has lived most of her life with us. She was originally a feral cat, but has slowly and steadily progressed. Lillie is now very friendly and loves to be petted. She will look up at you with her big eyes with a plea to give her some love. We wouldn't be at all surprised if she turned into a lap cat once she finds the right home. You can pick Lillie up, but not for long - yet. Let's get this little lady out of our shelter and into a home. How about YOURS?
Shelby (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Shelby (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tortoise Shell, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Shelby is a shy 6 1/2 year old dilute Torti that we have had her for several years. Once Shelby gets to know you, she will let you pet her. Don't be surprised if she runs away the first time you meet her though. She lacks self-confidence, but with the love and patience of the right person(s), Shelby has the potential to become more courageous. Shelby has had a full mouth extraction, but she still eats her fair share of food. Why not consider bringing Shelby home? It would be best for Shelby if she were adopted WITH another of our cats, OR if she went to a home that already has a friendly cat.
Hope (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Hope (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tortoise Shell, 5 to 10 years, Medium hair, female
Hope is a little over 8 years old and has been with us a long time. No one is quite sure of her past, but rumour has it that she was a feral born rescue. Hope may not like to be picked up, but does she ever love to be petted - If you're standing within 4 feet of her, she's already got you on her radar and is purring up a storm! Hope will twist her head from side to side and move her body around for best petting vantage points! She is a beauty and just needs the right, patient person to bring even more loving and confidence out of her little body. At her age, Hope deserves to have the hope of a forever home. Let's turn that hope into a reality, ok?
Lexus (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Lexus (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Black and White, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, male
Lexus is just a little over 5 years old, and he and his brothers, Tippit and Theo, were feral born rescues. Lexus was terrified of human touch when he was first left at our back door but, over the years that he has been with us, he has learned to trust people. This fellow loves to be petted now and have his chin scratched. He is still nervous about being picked up though. Why don't we reward his hard work with a forever home? We would like Lexus adopted with Tippit. Having a companion will make the transition much easier for both boys.
Tippit (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Tippit (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Black and White, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, male
Tippit is a little over 5 years of age and has been at our shelter with his brothers, Lexus and Theo, since they were left as kittens at our back door. Tippit was fearful of humans initially, but with the daily love and care shown to him from our volunteers, he is now at the point where he welcomes pets and ear scratches. Tippit still isn't happy about being picked up though. Why don't we reward Tippit's progress by adopting him out with his brother, Lexus? The two tend to hang out together, and their transition to a home would be so much easier for them if they were together. The boys deserve this chance. FYI, Tippit has always had a cloudy left eye, but he still sees well.
Stella (at shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Stella (at shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Calico, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Stella is 4 3/4 years old and was a feral born rescue. Like so many of our ferals, she wanted nothing to do with any of our volunteers for the longest while. Slowly, but surely however, that began to change. Stella realized that people wanted to help her, not hurt her. Now she will let you pet her but she is afraid of being picked up. Sudden movements and noises make her very skittish. Stella has the potential to blossom further; all she needs is the right home where she can be given the time to adjust. Perhaps YOUR home could be the right one for our beauty. Stella will have the most success if she is adopted WITH another of our cats, or if she goes to a home that already has a friendly cat.
Emma (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Emma (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tabby, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Emma is a feral born rescue who is just shy of her sixth birthday. She is a gentle, shy girl who takes a bit of coaxing before she will warm up to you, but once you get your hands on her chubby body she turns into cat putty! In the right home, with the right people who let her know that she is safe and loved, this gem's true colours will shine through strong. Emma is definitely worth the effort and patience, and she is also fantastic with other cats!
SnookySnooky - Black, 5 to 10 years, Long hair, male
Snooky is 7 1/2 years old and looking for his forever home! A handsome gentleman, this beautiful black boy boasts a laid-back personality and a love of snoozing in the sun, as well as an amazing singing voice! Snooky is always happy to chat you up any time, and if you give him a pet down his soft fur here and there, then he starts purring and just won't stop. Snooky has a mild skin condition that is easily treated with one pill a day hidden in his wet food, just ask us about it for more info!