These are our cats!

Josie (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Josie (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tortoise Shell, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Josie is about 1 1/2 years old and is a curious, friendly, dilute torti. Her original owner gave her to a woman, but Josie didn't work out - no reason was given. The owner wouldn't take Josie back, so the second owner surrendered her to us. We have no idea what the issue might have been. Since she has been in our care Josie has given us lots of purrs and snuggles. We have not exposed her to other cats though, so that might have been an issue. Josie would make a wonderful furry companion, and would be sure to play with anyone who could spend quality time with her. She is microchipped.
Dawn (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Dawn (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Dawn is almost 4 years old and has a brown tabby and white coat. She was brought to us from a London Rescue, where she got along well with other cats and dogs. Dawn is very shy initially. You need to gently pet her and sweet talk her before she will relax and give in to your attention. When she trusts you, Dawn becomes a big lovebug. She began her life on an industrial site in London, but she much prefers the indoor life now. Dawn is microchipped.
Diamond (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Diamond (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Calico, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Diamond is part Calico and part tabby, which leaves her with an interesting tri-colour coat. She is 3 years old and takes some coaxing before she will trust you. When she does, however, Diamond is a doll. She becomes ultra friendly and will arch her back as high as she can to let you know that she loves the attention. Diamond's slight head tilt is a result of an ear infection when she was just a kitten. The infection is long gone, but the head tilt remains. Diamond follows her favourite human around like a dog. Speaking of dogs, she is good with them and other cats. Because she is so gentle, Diamond would be excellent with young children too. She is microchipped.
Bethany (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Bethany (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Black, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Bethany is a tiny, 4 year old girl who was brought to us from a London Rescue. She is vocal and smart. Bethany likes to watch everything that goes on around her and comment on it. She, of course, loves to be petted and fussed over and will give you the cutest look of gratitude. If you really want to win her over though, play fetch with hair elastics with her. She is super talented! Bethany is good with cats and dogs, and would be fine with children due to her gentle nature. Bethany is microchipped.
Lady (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie)Lady (at shelter on Hart Dr., Barrie) - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Lady is a 5 year old brown tabby who was brought to us from a London Rescue. She is supposedly the smartest cat ever; she has even learned how to open a sliding patio door. Lady was a stray and she still likes to try and get outside for an hour or two per day. She would have to be trained to go on a leash with you if you don't have a safe enclosure. Lady is a chatterbox, telling you her life story while you pet her and scratch her ears. She can be cuddled, but her favourite activity is staying in your lap - for a LONG time. Lady is also very curious about exploring her surroundings. Please note that she does NOT get along with young, noisy children but she is fine with older children. She is also good with other cats as well as dogs. Lady is microchipped.