These are our cats!

Micah (arriving PetSmart at noon Apr. 24)Micah (arriving PetSmart at noon Apr. 24) - Black, 6 months to 1 year, Short hair, male
Micah is a Kleinburg kitty whose momma was a friendly stray. Micah and his siblings were born inside but momma then took them outside and they were cared for in a couple's barn. Micah is a little doll with a fantastic temperament and personality. He is shy with certain people though. Micah loves to be held or sit in his foster mom's lap. He is a gentle soul who does NOT like rough play or wrestling with other cats, but he DOES NEED another gentle cat to give him confidence. Micah will continue to blossom when he is a loving, forever home with at least one other cat. Could that be YOUR home? This cutie is microchipped.
Peanut (at PetSmart on Mapleview Dr., Barrie)Peanut (at PetSmart on Mapleview Dr., Barrie) - Orange, 1 to 5 years, Short hair,
Peanut is just one month over a year, and she was surrendered when her owner's landlord said he had too many cats. Peanut is shy at first but, once she trusts you, she kisses you and likes to lay on top of you. You can cuddle her all you want, but she only tolerates being picked up for short periods. When she isn't giving you lots of love, she is in play mode. Peanut will make anything into a toy, and she enjoys playing with her favourite person. Peanut is microchipped.
Mistique (at PetSmart on Mapleview Dr., Barrie)Mistique (at PetSmart on Mapleview Dr., Barrie) - Black and White, 1 to 5 years, Long hair, female
Mistique is a petite, ladylike 3 year old who we rescued from a high kill Montreal shelter. This sweet, gentle girl was within hours of being euthanized. She is healthy, happy and affectionate. Let's find her a beautiful home where her faith in humanity can be restored, ok? Mistique will likely be a lap cat once she settles in and knows she is safe.
Tom (at Pet Valu on Wellington St., Barrie)Tom (at Pet Valu on Wellington St., Barrie) - Orange, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, male
Tom is 7 years old and he is a big boy. His elderly owner died recently, so the family surrendered him. Poor Tom has never been away from his home, so he is quite bewildered. He loves to be petted and will sit on the couch beside you or at your feet, purring away. He is NOT a lap though, nor does he like being picked up. Tom is definitely a "foodie" though and may, occasionally, growl in order to get a sample of what YOU are eating. Tom needs to be brushed or the fur on his back matts. The best time to brush him is when he is eating. Though he is overweight, Tom still loves to play and will bat a toy back and forth with you or chew on toys, and he can definitely jump when he wants to.Please consider giving this boy another home. He does NOT like other cats but he is alright with a quiet dog. Tom would be good with a senior or in a quiet home with no children.
Skrinkle (at PetSmart on Mapleview Dr., Barrie)Skrinkle (at PetSmart on Mapleview Dr., Barrie) - Grey, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
Skrinkle is a 4 3/4 year old stray who was brought in to us, but whose owners were found before he was adopted out. Sadly, his owners surrendered him to us several months later because he was having a problem consistently using his litter box. We had him checked, and the poor boy had crystals. Skrinkle was put on a urinary kibble and, when he was checked this week, there were NO CRYSTALS. Skrinkle has been faithfully using a covered litter box for at least a month now, so . . . Skrinkle is 100% ready to be adopted! He is such a darling. Skrinkle is sweet-tempered and gentle. He flips onto his back so that you will rub his belly. He just doesn't like you massaging his declawed front paws - he nips - or picking him up. When he was out as a stray for several months, he was beaten up and, due to a bad tail injury, one of his vertebrae is raised. As long as his tail isn't pulled and he is given Glucosamine daily, our vet assures us that he will be fine. Let's give this big boy a quiet home with no other pets or young chilren, ok?