These are our cats!

Janey (At Shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Janey (At Shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Grey, 8 weeks to 6 months, Short hair, female
Are you looking for a chubby lap cat to keep you company all day long? Look no further than 1 year old Janey! Our affectionate girl just loves attention, chirping at you to get you to see her and purring her thanks once you massage her soft sides or snuggle her on your lap. She came to us as a friendly stray, so it's possible she hasn't had a family in a long time... She is very much looking forward to having one once again! Janey is a good friend, a wonderful companion cat who will need lots of time from you to keep her happy, and having another cat in the home to keep her company certainly wouldn't hurt either!
Meeka (At Shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Meeka (At Shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Tortoise Shell, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Meeka is a petite tortie, an absolute darling of a kitty who could fit right in your hands! At only a year old, Meeka is no stranger to letting you know what she wants - When you interact with her she will hold your fingers with her little toe beans, press her head against your hands and rub her ears against you for good scritches, and the whole time she will be rumbling with a purr that doesn't sound like it could come from her svelte body (but it does!). Meeka would love it if you would come and give her a home of her very own!
Sunny (At Shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Sunny (At Shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Sweet, shining, and spectacular, Sunny stands above the rest - Literally! 1 year old Sunny adores being up high, kissing your forehead and peering down at you with kind eyes, she is true to her name in both personality and choice of napping spots. A gentle and warm girl through and through, she brightens any room that she's in with a loud purr and a waggle of the tail! Sunny came to us as a stray from Barrie, and can be a little mistrustful of other cats at first... It's possible she had to fend off many other cats outside, so her nervousness is understandable. She would likely be okay with a slow introduction to another cat, but in the meantime she more than makes up for her nerves by her affectionate and cuddly disposition to humans!
Gaston (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Gaston (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Black and White, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
Sweet Gaston, a shy 2 year old boy. A soft black and white baby, he has been steadily coming out of his shell and learning to accept petting and loving - He was very unsure of people when he first arrived, no doubt because of what he had suffered through in his past. Gaston can still find himself a little overwhelmed and will back up if you come at him too quickly or too loudly, but all he requires is a gentle touch and some patience before that little purr of his gets going (and he really does love is chin and neck rubbed, he will push in to you for more!). He definitely wants attention and has learned how to ask for it, as well as seek it out on his own. We are sure that once he finds somebody who sees all of his special qualities, he will blossom even more in a home!
Bella (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Bella (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Tortoise Shell, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, female
Bella is 5 years old and is a feral born rescue. It has taken her all of this time to get to the point where she is ready for a forever home. At first, she was wild - no one could come near her. Now, however, Bella rubs back and forth against your legs, looking for some pets and ear scratches. It is wonderful to see how she has blossomed. Bella really deserves a loving home now. How about YOURS? She will require a fair bit of time, love and patience to adjust to a home, but she can do it with YOUR help.