These are our cats!

Sandy (At Shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Sandy (At Shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Orange, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
1 year old Sandy has certainly come a long way since being surrendered to us in March, this mellow and friendly guy is a far cry from the snappy and nervous cat that first graced our shelter. As a rescue from a hoarder, that type of behavior can only be expected, considering Sandy was certainly not treated with the love and respect he deserved! The good news is that nowadays he is the picture of confidence and contentment - Sandy thinks he's a big shot around here and has no qualms with striding right up to you and putting his paw on your hand, to let you know that he is here and ready for petting! This beautiful darling will arch his back up when you pet him, push his teeth against your fingers when you rub his face, and he will climb to the top of his shelves face to face with you for a headbutt! Sandy gets along with other cats, but because he's so confident he will sometimes steal their wet food... If you have other cats you may need to watch him at feeding time to be sure he doesn't pig out!
Bruno (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Bruno (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Orange, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
Shy little Bruno came to us as a rescue from a high-kill shelter in Montreal, and whatever he has suffered through in the past has clearly left it's mark on him - This 1 year old boy can be nervous, especially when first meeting you, backing away and sometimes even skittering off to observe you from a safe spot. He is getting better though, he will come to you for food and treats now, sometimes even accepting a gentle head petting as a reward for your patience. Bruno means you no harm and doesn't hiss or growl, he's simply very unsure of people. What he really needs is a tender, patient home with somebody who can dote on him and help him forget his negative past, and help him move into a calm and bright future. This beautiful peach-coloured boy will surely bloom in to a wonderful companion as long as he is given time and your love!
Joel (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Joel (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Tabby, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
3 year old Joel is a huge lazy boy, you can usually find him laying with his chubby cheeks pressed against the cool floor, or curled up in a laundry bucket somewhere around the shelter. He can look pretty intimidating when he's up and prowling around, but in reality he's probably just looking for a snack or trying to find out if you have a free hand to pet him! Joel is certainly a lover and not a fighter despite his large stature, and in the face of a cat fight he will just flop to the floor, or come to find you to protect him!! Squish his pudgy cheeks or throw him over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes, he doesn't mind, he just wants your company!
Gigi (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Gigi (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Black and White, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, female
Tiny Gigi is a rescue from a hoarder, but you would never know her negative past by her loving and forgiving personality! Only 2 years old, this girl has been a mama of her own litter of kittens, and she has the nurturing and snuggly nature to prove it - If you sit on the floor, you've only got a few seconds before she decides that your lap is her new perch, and she lives there forever now. Gigi is petite and sleek, with silky fur and a delicate purr that revs up when you cuddle her on your lap, and rub behind her shoulders. Despite her small stature she can be a little dominate around other cats, but with proper introduction she should fit in just fine!
Gaston (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie)Gaston (At shelter on Hart Dr. Barrie) - Black and White, 1 to 5 years, Short hair, male
Sweet Gaston, a shy 2 year old boy. A soft black and white baby, he has been steadily coming out of his shell and learning to accept petting and loving - He was very unsure of people when he first arrived, no doubt because of what he had suffered through in his past. Gaston can still find himself a little overwhelmed and will back up if you come at him too quickly or too loudly, but all he requires is a gentle touch and some patience before that little purr of his gets going (and he really does love is chin and neck rubbed, he will push in to you for more!). He definitely wants attention and has learned how to ask for it, as well as seek it out on his own. We are sure that once he finds somebody who sees all of his special qualities, he will blossom even more in a home!